Dusty Rodeo : the Pastoral Mécanique house band.
Bombshell Riders : the other musical project by your Reverend.


Campus Grenoble 90.8 : The home radio station in Grenoble, France hosting and broadcasting Pastoral Mécanique.
Freies Radio Wueste Welle : The community radio station in Tübingen, Germany broadcasting Pastoral Mécanique since the Honky Tonk Live times.
Radio G! : The community radio station in Angers, France where Honky Tonk Live was born.
Ace Café Radio : The true spirit of Ace Cafe is the connection between machines, music and culture. From the famous rockin’ and roarin’ place in London!
Rockabilly Radio : The voice of Rockabilly, around the clock on that webradio.
Outlaw Nation : The outlaw country station from the Midwest US. Southern rock and real country on the bill!
NPR : National Public Radio, the US radio network of public service, providing a high-value content of arts and music.


Rock&Folk : The reference rock magazine in France since 1966.
Rolling Stone + Rolling Stone Country : Whatever happens in music and more is covered by Rolling Stone since 1967.
Rolling Stone France : The French Rolling Stone based in Paris.
Rolling Stone Deutschland : The German Rolling Stone based in Berlin.
Saving Country Music : Kyle Coroneos a.k.a. Triggerman’s activist blog to save roots music against pop decadence.
Country Music France : Country music is grounded to the soil, whether American or French: country music from a French perspective.
Rockarocky : The ultimate french roots-rock site to know anything related to that scene in France.


Charlie Patton : A cartoon by Robert Crumb telling the life of one of the first recording delta blues artists.
At the Crossroads : The blues myth as selling yourself to the Devil.
Peg Leg Sam, Born for Hard Luck : The story of a one-legged harp player who was one of the last medicine-shows performer (transcription here).
Elvis still alive? : Could the King be still alive? He is!!! On the airwaves of Pastoral Mécanique!


Hank Williams : The Hillbilly Shakespeare
Elvis Presley : The King
Johnny Cash : The Man In Black
Dwight Yoakam : The country maverick
The Cramps : The originators of psychobilly, the twisted side of the white-trash culture. Simply rock’n’roll!
Marty Stuart : The Nashville citizen who picks teles, shoots pics and collects hillbilly memorabilia
Brian Setzer : Rockabilly in a twang explosion
Dale Watson : The « ameripolitan » troubadour from Texas
Hank Williams III : Hellbilly from Tennessee
Danny Gatton : The late world’s greatest unknown guitarist
Velvetone : The ultimate german twangmaster band
The County Boys : A honky tonkin’ combo from southern Germany keeping the Bakersfield twang flame on this side of the Atlantic