A Guitar, A Cello, and The Day That Changed Music

Robert Johnson Studio Portrait © 1989 Delta Haze Corporation

Recently our colleagues of Radio Diaries from the US National Public Radio (NPR) featured a story about a particular day in the music history. On November 23, 1936 on each side of the Atlantic, two men recorded music that would have an effect on the music destiny. Robert Johnson recorded pieces that would became cornerstones for blues whereas Pablo Casals was performing with his cello to produce essential pieces of classical music. Those two men didn’t speak the same language, they lived in two different worlds, while recording keystones of the music history, at the same time, on the same day. Those men never met each other. What if they had met each other on that day ?

Listen to the amazing Radio Diaries story on NPR with Scott Ainslie, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, not to forget bluesman Honeyboy Edwards and cellist Bernard Greenhouse who both died shortly after they were interviewed for that story.

Last but not least, download what Robert Johnson and Pablo Casals could have done together. Music with no boundary…