20.01.2013 – Moonshine and money, that’s all what we want

As usual now, we are starting the HONKY TONK LIVE episode with the Bootleggers and their moonshine music. Cody Jinks is singing that our party is a reunion of hippies and cowboys. The moon is shining in Kentucky where we make that hard liquor. The moon is shining blue there, as stated by Jonny Barber impersonating the king Elvis before Tom Petty gets onto stage. Why are we making moonshine ? To make some money ! Money ! That’s what we want and Jerry Lee’s yelling that wildly on the Star Club stage in Hamburg, Germany, where he gave what was rated by various rock-critics as one of the best recorded live shows ever made. John Lee Hooker is confirming that relationship of mankind with money before Emmylou Harris closes the show with something more essential than money or moonshine : her angelic voice.
Where hippies and cowboys perform, there is moonshine to make and drink in the Kentucky moonlight, all for money !