31.03.2013 – The Ameripolitan Outlaw Hour

Since the day Country Music could be marketed and rose as an industry in the early 50’s, there have been counter-movements that reacted against the slick-produced music from Nashville. Often we spread the word against Nashville but to every problem there is a solution. In today’s episode we are proving that there is still and again a movement against that music they still dare to call country music. Today’s outlaws bear the names of Dale Watson, Hillbilly Casino, Billy Don Burns and many more who keep the real country music flame alive. They succeed to Hank Williams who may have been the very first outlaw, being kicked out of The Grand Ole Opry, not only for alcoholic reasons but also because he chose to perform live and in the studio only with his own band. Today’s outlaws also inherit the independant spirit of Johnny Cash and form a movement similar to the Outlaw movement by the Texas snipers Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Billy Joe Shaver. Dale Watson wants to introduce that movement as a new genre called « Ameripolitan Outlaw » in so far as it sounds absurd to have « real country music » what should be real in its essence. Nashville emptied Country Music of its essence. The real ones countereact.
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