29.03.2012 – The Last Hour

Today’s episode sounds like a Good Bye just to say hello again in two weeks. Indeed the show won’t be hosted anymore from the Wueste Welle studio in Germany. It won’t change that much as Wueste Welle will still air the show at the same time. So for you listener, the story continues… Dwight Yoakam is embarking us for a 10-mn performance of « Paradise » where we all should go, honky tonkin’ or not. And once again the differences are fuzzy between such music produced in the US or in Europe. The Booze Bombs are rocking while Mike Ness is honky-tonking. Robert Johnson in Texas is recording a blues song while Pablo Casals in Europe is recording a classical music masterpiece on the same day so that mixing both sounds consistent: folk music and classical music, America and Europe, black and white.
And the usual conclusion to the show: drive safely, don’t drink too much, kiss your wife or your husband and listen to « billy » music. Talk to you in two weeks…

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