12.04.2012 – Return to the plains

After a Nekromantix psychobilly opening of the show and Dwight Yoakam sustaining the slapbass in Paradise, Jason Ringenberg takes us honky tonkin’ to Mars. We read the Gospel according to Elvis singing « Run On » followed by Johnny Cash and a late French vocal group called « Pow Wow » running on. Johnny Winter is plugging off his guitar and sliding his bottleneck for a Muddy Waters cover also played by the Juke Joint Pimps to bring a European flavor. John Lee Hooker is hanging out with Miles Davis to the Hot Spot between blues and jazz. During those journeys to Paradise, Mars and down to the Earth, Pow Wow is performing an original called « Regagner Les Plaines » meaning « Going back to the plains » recorded on a native beat, which may be the only original American music, here performed by a French group… From psychobilly to country, blues, gospel and jazz, that native beat is a way to go back to the primitive sounds, where it all came from. A return to the plains…

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