26.04.2012 – The Hour of the Penalty

This episode features a usual topic in American music : offence, crime, jail, life in prison, penalty and what leads to it. Brad Paisley is yelling at the policeman but beware of the representative of the authorities who doesn’t always like his job, as stated by Junior Brown. He can lead you to the cell as soon as you drive too fast. Moreover if you drink too much, have a shot of cocaine like Johnny Cash, the judge may you sentence to some years behind the bars. And if you kill someone, the State may kill you. Some may also be sentenced to death with no crime committed but with just no alibi as told in « The Long Black Veil ». Of course, as a highlight, you will hear Johnny Cash singing Folsom Prison Blues live in Folsom Prison addressing an audience of convicts. That show is not about justifying offence nor crime. It’s exploring the dark side of the human being. And each one of us can turn bad by a twist of fate…

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