05.07.2012 – The Dog Hour

There are many cats in rockabilly music: rockin’ cats, wild cats, stray cats, boppin’ cats… In this episode though, we are focusing on another pet: dog. Opening and closing with « Hound Dog » we are discovering some variations of the dog. From the « Hound Dog » to the « Phantom Dog » we can hear that the man can have the dog as his best friend like in Brownie McGhee’s song « Me and My Dog ». The man can even identify with the dog as sung by Chapel Hill in « Like A Dog ». Beyond that psychoanalysis we are listening to « dog » music in country style with Dale Watson and Johnny Cash, blues feel with Johnny Winter, rockabilly beat with Elvis. We are pushing the man and dog psychoanalysis further in psychobilly style with the Mixies Men and The Cramps who even wonder if your pussy can do the dog. What a question, meaningful. You ain’t nothing but a hound dog…

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