07.06.2012 – The Killer Hour

The last standing man, the ultimate rock’n’roller who started by playing the keys at the Church, scared about God and the Devil, says that if he’d go to Hell, he’d go there by playing the piano. He’s the craziest perfomer of the genesis of rockabillies and rock’n’rollers, he swallowed everything that we qualify as « dope » and took away a bunch of women for a journey to Hell. Only that could make him a shooting star, living fast and dying young. However he’s still one of the last survivors of that generation. He’s not a songwriter, he’s a stylist able to catch any song and make it his own and a performer who burns those songs on stage. This episode is a one-hour feature of Jerry Lee Lewis, the stylist, the performer, the artist shaking the stage for an audience of people who were not born at the time of his rising star. With moaning country tunes and shaking rock’n’roll numbers, producer Jack White caught the live magic of the Killer to let us listen to and enjoy the party of a man still refusing to die. Today at HONKY TONK LIVE this is the Killer Hour.