16.08.2012 – Celebration of Elvis

16th August 1977 – 16th August 2012, today we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the death of The King, Elvis Presley. Let’s consider that day only as his official death. Even if he isn’t of flesh and bones anymore, Elvis became a style, a myth, a concept. This year 75,000 fans are expected to come to Memphis, Tennessee for the traditional yearly celebration of the King’s death. In today’s episode, we won’t feature a musical chronology of the man. We are focusing on some less known sides of Elvis with unexpected covers he made of Bob Dylan and Beatles numbers. Rather than featuring his 50’s recordings that are the pillars of this radio show and more generally of rockabilly, we are discovering his works of the 60’s and 70’s. Even if Memphis is the place where The King lived most of his lifetime, we’ll make a trip to Las Vegas which is another iconic city related to The King. You’ll hear Elvis alive, organic, on stage and progressively we’ll leave the Elvis of flesh and bones to make place to an Elvis becoming covered, remixed therefore more abstract. From a simple country blues rocker to a concept. From a man to just a name that still resonates today. As an evidence of that, « Elvis » and « Elvis Presley » are registered trademarks strictly controlled by the Estate of Elvis Presley. Trademark or not HONKY TONK LIVE considers Elvis as one of his godfathers. Long live the King!