02.08.2012 – Summer Road Trip Hour

This is summer, a time for taking… time and watching landscapes, a time for a road trip. In this episode we are cruising on American roads through states and cities sung by our favorite artists. If we can’t avoid Route 66 with Chuck Berry, The Cramps and The Brian Setzer Orchestra, we are driving from Illinois with Skip James’ words to a guided tour of Memphis, Tennessee with the King himself. The Moon is shining blue in Kentucky as stated by Tom Petty and from there we can see the shore of the Gulf of Mexico where Steve Earle is fishing. George Strait is singing that Amarillo is a city to catch in Texas. We’ll learn what Johnny Cash has to do with New Mexico before heading further west. We’ll do that trip by driving but also by walking with Seasick Steve singing and playing slide guitar for one girl caught from the audience.