13.09.2012 – The ZZ Top Hour

In this episode we are celebrating the new album of that lil’ ol’ band from Texas, as they qualify themselves. ZZ Top is back after 9 years without any new studio work. « La Futura » produced by Rick Rubin is a journey back to the basics of ZZ Top’s music: fat boogie, blues rock, straightforward songs. With ZZ Top it’s about booze, broads and custom cars since 1969. Since then, same personal, same kind of music: you don’t need more! Even though they are a famous arena rock band, they still consider themselves as a good ol’ blues rock bar band from Houston, Texas. Therefore they are real honky-tonkers. You’ll hear a song that has been featured in a commercial for a whiskey-based beverages brand (see the video above) and an anthem about a famous french liquor made by monks in the Alps. The obvious sense of humor and self-mockery of the trio must not hide the serious way they play their music and their dedication to those who inspired them. We are exploring the roots of ZZ Top showing that their music comes from Muddy Waters (to whom they dedicated a custom guitar built from the wood of the Mississippi house where Mr. Waters lived), Elmore James and his slide guitar masterworks to the boogie chords of John Lee Hooker that inspired the ZZ Top hit called « La Grange ». Not to forget Elvis to make ZZ Top certify Muddy Waters’ statement: « The blues had a baby, they named it rock’n’roll ».
With ZZ Top, blues is sky-rocketed to the 3rd Millenium: Houston, there’s no problem!