27.09.2012 – Live Rockabilly Riot on the Planet: The Setzer Hour

This episode will take you in just one hour from one side to the other side of the Planet. Brian Setzer will show what a live rockabilly riot is about. From Canada to France, from Japan to Texas, from Germany to Australia, he can rise a rockabilly riot the same way anywhere. We live today in a global context all the time. Good ol’ rockabilly, still young, has always been global and that’s the way that rockabilly riot is happening. From the Stray Cats times to the Rockabilly Riot present day through the Brian Setzer Orchestra Era and the ’68 Comeback Special hot-rod trip, the rockabilly veteran is playing his self-written anthems as well as rockabilly classics. Among them we’ll discover again that rockabillies have burning big balls through Brian’s voice and through the ultimate fifties survivor Mr Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis. Each piece will take you to a different city in the world. Rockabilly for one hour, rockabilly forever, all over the world.