11.10.2012 – The Boom Boom Hour

We are opening this episode with the rockin’ Imelda May singing « Johnny Got A Boom Boom » supported by husband Darrel Higham with his twang guitar and a heavy-slapped double-bass that will shake your walls. We are reading the title « Johnny Got A Boom Boom » in the first degree: you can hear John Lee Hooker the originator of « Boom Boom » able to boogie just with one guitar string. We are sharing again the theory that the ZZ Top’s beards grew by cooking John Lee’s boogie. The three bearded boogiemen will perform for you right from the beer fridge. We are also unearthing an obscure Delta bluesman called Frank Frost, playing guitar and harp for you, as recorded by Sam Phillips in Memphis. No boundaries between blues and rockabilly. No time limit as we are offering you a 12-minute performance of Brian Setzer still rioting around the Planet with twang guitars and heavy-slapped basses. 60 minutes of rockin’ honky tonkin’ music for you as usual.