25.10.2012 – The Bastard Blues Hour

In this episode again we are featuring bastard babies of the blues. As Wylie and his Wild West Show is claiming, we are shaking the blues with a mean opening of Left Lane Cruiser playing fully distorted slide guitar and primitive drums. Imelda May will also show her mean vocals. ZZ Top is a real bastard blues trio as they turned the blues into a hot-rodded musical object that makes the blues timeless, modern and make us happy we can’t absorb the pop crap. The French Elvis, Johnny Hallyday, more french than his name sounds, is going on tour again to collect money to be able to pay his taxes back. After health problems shortening his last tour, he’s back on the road and on stages not only for the repayment of back taxes but also because he’s a true performer. We’ll remember he’s still a rockabilly as he proved during the previous tour performing rockabilly classics in an arena full of 80,000 people in Paris. Not in an arena but in the studio, you’ll be able to hear an unplugged version of a Hank III number called « Lost in Oklahoma » as performed by Steffan Rock taking part to the bastardization of the blues. 60 minutes of rockin’ honky tonkin’ music to keep the flame.