08.11.2012 – The Lawless Hour

This episode shows the connection between movie and music. Nick Cave not only converted Matt Bondurant’s nonfiction book « The Wettest County in the World » into the movie « Lawless ». He also co-wrote and produced the soundtrack with Warren Ellis. That movie at a turning point between the western genre and the gangster genre sets the stage for the music that originated in the woods of Virginia where the story happens. Ralph Stanley, Emmylou Harris and the movie band called the Bootleggers perform a timeless music inspired by bluegrass and folk music. As anachronistic as it sounds therefore timeless, even the Velvet Underground happens to be heard with a bluegrass production in a story happening in the twenties. What about the title « Cosmonaut » of the piece performed by Emmylou Harris and her heavenly voice? Through this movie Nick cave explores the roots of American music in the way that T-Bone Burnett did for « O’ Brother » in 2000. Also you’ll be able to hear live in the studio one of those folk classics that T-Bone Burnett produced.
From the HONKY TONK LIVE attic we found some music by Aerosmith who paid tribute to the originators of their music by performing blues classics in their style. Steve Tyler is moaning and blowing the harp, Joe Perry is sliding the strings with his bottleneck throughout the « Honkin’ On Bobo » album released in 2004. Once again we are relating to the idiom: « The Blues had a baby and they named it Rock’n’Roll ».
60 minutes of a journey through a timeless music with never-fading energy.