22.11.2012 – An Hour Lost-In-The-Forest

In today’s episode we aren’t getting out of the forest where we got lost last time with the « Lawless » people. And it will be so until the end of the next episode in two weeks. Still lost there we couldn’t find any power supply, no plug. The music must be played unplugged. The Bootleggers that we introduced in the previous show are opening today again and Emmylou’s  voice will help us bear the fear of being lost in that dark forest. That place is where that music was born. That place where those bootleggers that made of their country the « wettest county in the world », understand the county where most of bootleg alcohol was produced. Either in Virginia or Kentucky, hear that Appalachian mountain sound that still resonates today. You’ll also get a preview of our next episode in two weeks that will be dedicated to the Bluegrass Jamboree Festival in Germany where you can walk in similar forests. Out of that forest though, we can find a hotel room. You will hear John Mellencamp in that hotel room. Then you will hear Robert Johnson in that same hotel room… 75 years before. Now that we traveled through time in that same place, let’s stay on that same day 75 years ago and let’s fly to the other side of the Atlantic to hear Pablo Casals. Are those space and time journeys for you confusing ? Let’s close those 60 minutes with Kentucky-born Dwight Yoakam taking us to Paradise.